The tools you need to help your creative business plan, adapt and grow.

Whether you are self-employed, run a small creative team, or manage a cultural business of two hundred people, this toolkit is for you. It offers hands-on tools to help with the big decisions arts, heritage and creative organisations make every day.

Looking to start up a new creative business? Wondering how to build a marketing strategy? Need help with governance or fundraising issues? This toolkit is here to help you act now.

This stage encourages you to take a really good look at where your creative business is now.

Planning effectively involves being brutally honest about your strengths and weaknesses. This stage will guide you through self-evaluation and help you to understand and assess your business model. After using these tools, you'll be ready to think about the future with exactly the right knowledge under your belt.

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This stage is designed to help you consider what your options are for the future.

This is a chance to start thinking about where you want to be in the long term. This stage will offer guidance on how you might respond to future opportunities and manage potential threats. After using these tools, you'll be ready to put together realistic and effective plans.

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This stage helps you to shape your creative business' next steps.

The tools featured here are focused on planning and mapping out the next stage. They help you to build a thorough, practical business case and to look for fundraising in the right places. After using these tools, you'll have a strategy in place. You'll also know where to start with partnership working, change management and marketing and communications.

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This stage is about putting your plans into action.

By now you will have assessed your business, examined future opportunities, and put an in-depth strategy in place. After all that planning, these tools will help you to make things happen. After using these tools, you'll be running an efficient, focused creative business and be in the best possible place for the future upturn.

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