Stage Four: How to make it happen

This stage is about putting your plans into action.

By now you will have assessed your business, examined future opportunities, and put an in-depth strategy in place. After all that planning, these tools will help you to make things happen. After using these tools, you'll be running an efficient, focused creative business and be in the best possible place for the future upturn.

Stage Four

The Tools

Change Management
Transformational and transactional change
A model to look at different aspects of change and interdependencies in organisations
An eight-stage change process
A tool to help you consider the steps needed in a change project for your business
Partnerships / Collaboration
Assessing your collaboration
A set of criteria to help you assess how your group is working
Joint working success factors
The tool lists a number of success factors for assessing your joint working projects.
Collaboration maturity model
Criteria for assessing the stage your collaboration has reached in its development
Six pillars of fundraising
Using the six pillars of fundraising to develop your funding strategy
Marketing and communications
Strategic circles
A matrix to help you consider your relationship to others in your field/market
The marketing mix – the 4Cs
A customer centric approach to looking at your marketing
Decision making
Deciding between different options
A tool to help you analyse different alternatives during the decision making process
Preparing for the upturn
Preparing for the upturn
A method for looking at your environment and considering trends and impact
MoSCoW prioritisation
An approach to helping you prioritise your activities
Paired comparisons
A rating mechanism for deciding between different alternatives
Urgent or important
A mechanism for helping you prioritise your workload
Outcomes focused
Some big questions to help you think about your outcomes
Monitoring and evaluation framework checklist
A tool to walk you through setting up monitoring systems
Monitoring and reporting
A framework for introducing an integrated approach to evaluation