Preparing for the upturn
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Preparing for the upturn
Preparing for the upturn
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Preparing for the upturn
A method for looking at your environment and considering trends and impact

The big idea

This tool highlights the importance of environmental scanning as a mechanism to prepare your business for a future upturn. Most businesses need to scan their environment to avoid unpleasant surprises, to identify threats and to bring opportunities to the surface. It tends to involve two forms of activity, both searching for information and looking at information. It can range from a chance conversation over lunch to a formally commissioned research programme.


The purpose of environmental planning in the context of the current downturn is to ensure readiness, indeed preparedness, for the upturn. Many organisations in the creative and cultural sector will be altering their business models to respond to the current economic environment. Even if you haven’t, it is important to recognise that there may be further changes to come and you want to be ready for them.

The Tool

The tool takes you through a six-step environmental planning process. It can be done on your own or with a group. It is suitable for any business interested in how its external environment is changing. It will take one to two hours to complete and may need further research.