The quick business health check
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The quick business health check
The quick business health check
Sole Trader

The quick business health check
A short questionnaire for sole traders and small organisations to assess their business

The big idea

If you are working on your own, or there are only a few of you, it is often a challenge to step back and review what you have achieved and where your business is going. There are, however, many successful business owners who would stress how important it is to find the time, particularly in a shifting and unpredictable environment. We often say we are too busy to have time to think, but what that means in practice is we are letting lots of other ‘stuff’ get in the way.


The purpose of this tool is to persuade you to spend a short period reviewing some key questions in relation to your business. The hope is that this will encourage you to continue to monitor your motivation and the growth of the business.

The Tool

The tool consists of a number of statements that you can rate in relation to your business. The statements are divided into seven areas to reflect the core aspects of your work. The questionnaire should be done quickly but you may then choose to spend time reflecting on your answers. You can complete it on your own but may want to check your answers with someone who knows you well.