Good Governance Questionnaire
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Good Governance Questionnaire

Good Governance Questionnaire
A questionnaire for those businesses with a governing body

The big idea

Governance is high on the agenda in all sectors – public, private and non-profit. Businesses in all sectors, regardless of purpose, are increasingly expected to demonstrate how well they are governed. It is a vital part of how organisations operate and are held accountable. This questionnaire is based on the principles set out in the National Council for Voluntary Organisations’ Good Governance code (NCVO, 2010). The code was initially prepared by a group of third sector organisations together with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and the Charity Commissioners. While it refers specifically to trustees of registered charities, its principles are based on good practice in governance and as such are relevant to a wide range of governing bodies.

Code of governance principles

An effective board will provide good governance and leadership by:

  1. Understanding its role
  2. Ensuring delivery of organisationalpurpose
  3. Working effectively both as individuals and as a team
  4. Exercising effective control
  5. Behaving with integrity
  6. Being open and accountable


The Good Governance code provides a base-line audit and is an industry standard for governance. The purpose of this questionnaire is to enable you to assess how well your governing body is working against the six principles. It is also designed to pick up on the potentially varying perspectives that governing body members may have about the role of the governing body, their roles as individuals and how well they are working collectively.

The Tool

The tool consists of a questionnaire based on the six principles of the Good Governance code. Ideally, it should be completed by everyone on the governing body and the management team. It will probably take 45 minutes to complete and then time to analyse.