Drawing from nature
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Drawing from nature
Drawing from nature
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Drawing from nature
Another visual tool to encourage you to draw from nature to think about your business differently

The big idea

The big idea of this tool is to help you have big ideas. To use the whole of your brain. To stimulate your curiosity and your creativity. It is designed to expand your visioning and to encourage you not to focus in on an idea too soon. It may seem more like art than business but that is the point. There are plenty of businesses out there that take nature as their inspiration, and just because we are thinking about business it does not mean it has to be dry and dull.


Looking to other sources of inspiration is intended to unlock your thinking and open up the visioning exercise. Its purpose is to encourage divergent thinking to allow you to explore all your aspirations. Using drawing, images and symbols based on nature, you will be coming at your business visioning from a new perspective.

The Tool

This tool encourages you to sketch, doodle or draw and takes you through a number of steps to help you think about your business differently. Don’t worry if you can’t draw; the exercise is designed to open up your thinking, not create masterpieces! This is an activity to do on your own but you might choose to share the results with others. The activity should take you about 20 minutes the first time you try it.