Developing a robust business case
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Developing a robust business case
Developing a robust business case
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Developing a robust business case
A self-assessment tool to help you evaluate your business case

The big idea

A business case is a means of providing evidence that a project is a good investment for your business and/or an external investor. It differs from a business plan in that it focuses on a specific project or programme rather than the whole business. It is effectively an investment tool that sells a particular idea or concept. 


The reason for preparing a business case is to identify a future opportunity that is supported by robust analysis of the benefits, risks and costs involved. It should achieve four purposes:

  • Helping you to think through the project in a systematic manner
  • Explaining to stakeholders, internally and externally (as appropriate), why the project should proceed
  • Helping potential investors (both public and/or private) understand the economic value of the project
  • Providing a clear framework for delivering the project to ensure it is completed on time and on budget

A good business case covers:

  • The purpose of the project, the opportunity it addresses and its benefits
  • The strategic fit with your business
  • Risks
  • Affordability
  • Value for money 

The Tool

The tool provides you with a template for writing a robust business case. It can be used by organisations of all scales and can be done on your own or with a group. Depending on the complexity of your business case, you might also seek external support or advice.