Levels of joint working
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Levels of joint working
Levels of joint working
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Levels of joint working
A tool to help you define the level and approach you want to take for joint working projects

The big idea

Inter-organisational working, collaboration, partnership … Call it what you will, the drivers for businesses coming together to deliver activities are growing. However, in building a joint working initiative the participants do not always consider the nature of the group they are building. This is important in shaping the success factors and outcomes that the group may be striving for. It can help avoid disappointment and frustration around what is achieved.

Joint working is usually good for:

  • Addressing complex problems
  • Improving efficiencies and gaining economies of scale
  • Leveraging new resources
  • Providing a larger and more diverse skills base
  • Accessing specialist expertise, which can support capacity and capability building
  • Improving outcomes through working towards common or related goals


The purpose of this tool is to help you plan the nature of your joint working group from the outset, to determine your purpose, processes and structure according to the joint working model that is right for you. It should also help you manage the expectations of the group. 

The Tool

The tool provides you with a framework for considering the right level of joint working for your project. It should be done with the group concerned. It is for businesses of all scales and may take one to two hours to complete.