How resilient is your business?
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How resilient is your business?
How resilient is your business?
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How resilient is your business?
Factors to think about to ensure your business survives

The big idea

Increasingly we are faced with a wide variety of changes on many fronts: from the economy to familiar infrastructures, financial services, entertainment and media. Rapid changes in science and technology mean we are embracing new ways of engaging and linking up and we are adapting the way we consume. Often we are so challenged in finding the time to keep up with our changing environment that it is difficult to ensure that our business practices can withstand the pressures and be resilient to change.


The purpose of this tool is to encourage you to think about how resilient your business is: how your business capitalises on emerging trends, adapts to change and could withstand any sudden shocks or crises. It provides a framework for you to consider some core elements of your business so you can consider the future, rapidly adapt to change and bounce back from any nasty surprises. 

The Tool

The tool consists of a checklist of questions with a focus on the characteristics of a resilient business. It can be used by any scale of business and you can do it on your own or with a group. You can complete the checklist quickly but may want to reflect on some areas in more detail.